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Stop speading much money on getting data for your devices, buy data here on all networks(MTN, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL and GLO) all at cheap at affordable price.


Do you need to buy bitcoin or have bitcoin to sell, Buy/Sell your bitcoin here at affordable price, we currently buy @ #350/$ and sells @ #400/$

Airtime Vtu

Why the need of stressing yourself in the name of getting recharge card, why not save the stress by loading your vtu here on all networks.

Buy Data Plans

90 days validity

  • 250MB= #300
  • 500MB= #390
  • 1GB= #500
  • 1.5GB= #990
  • 2GB= #1000
  • 3GB= #1500
  • 5GB= #2450
  • 10GB= #6000
  • 15GB= #8950
  • 20GB= #11900
  • Buy now

    30 days validity

  • 250MB= #300
  • 500MB= #400
  • 1GB= #700
  • 1.5GB= #1050
  • 2GB= #1300
  • 3GB= #1950
  • 5GB= #3200
  • 11.5GB= #7200
  • 15GB= #9000
  • 27.5GB= #16300
  • Buy now

    30 days validity

  • 1.5GB= #980
  • 3.5GB= #1950
  • 5GB= #2400
  • 7GB= #3250
  • Buy now

    30 days validity

  • 1.6GB or 3.2GB= #950
  • 3.75GB or 7.5GB= #1850
  • 5GB or 10GB= #2300
  • 6GB or 12GB= #2750
  • 8GB or 16GB= #3700
  • 12GB or 24GB= #4600
  • 16GB or 32GB= #7200
  • 23GB or 46GB= #8800
  • 30GB or 60GB= #13200
  • Buy now

    Buy/Sell Bitcoin

    About Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. Need to know more? click here


    Buy/Sell Bitcoin: Do you need to buy bitcoin for online transactions? or you have bitcoin to convert to naigeria naira? Trade your bitcoin here today, we currently buy @ #/$ and sells @ #/$.


    To buy/sell bitcoin Click here

    #2.5 per sms

    Send bulk sms to friends with a customized sender id @ #2.5 per sms page, and enjoy our cool features like, One unit per sms to all Nigerian phone numbers, 160 characters per page, Delivery Report enabled and many more.

    Pay Bills

    Is the current subsciption of your decoder expired and you are looking for how to recharge it? Digimobileng is the answer, Recharge your decoder (DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES) here, and enjoy the digital life

    Airtime Vtu

    Are you tired of going miles in the name of getting recharge card for your phone? Are you tired of loading pins and need a way out? Digimobileng is the answer.

    Save your stress today by loading your airtime vtu on this website, and get your airtime right to your phone instantly without issues, click the button below to start now.


    Other services like bulksms, paybills(GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES) are being worked on, we will get you informed once they are available. Thanks for transacting with us, we hope to serve you better.

    Reasons We Are Different from others


    Services ordered for on our website (data, bitcoin, airtime vtu and more) are delivered within 5-15min of order.


    80% of our services are automated, and this make our delivery to be superb and unique.

    Standby customer service

    Our customer service are available for you complaint anytime within our working period, you can contact via Call/Whatsapp on 08145639999.


    We love feedbacks. Have a comment or feedback? click here

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